Making Money in the Stock Market Wisely

Making money in the stock market is quick and easy right? Wrong!! I see this all the time and it really pisses me off! Lets face the facts. The is no quick and easy way to making money especially in the stock market. It you feel any different do yourself a favor and close this page because your wasting your time. I’m not trying to be a jerk but I don’t want you to waste your time.

Yes you can make money in the stock market but it takes research and a lot of hard work. First things first, you need to immerse yourself in this sub-culture. You need to change from SportsCenter to Squawk Box. Well maybe not change but definitely consume more CNBC than ESPN. You need to take a trip to borders and pick up Jim Cramers Mad Money book series or Peter Lynch’s One Up On Wall Street. You need to totally surround yourself in this new world so that when an opportunity presents itself your not standing there blind.

So where do I look for a winning stock? Me personally I use Yahoo Finance and MSN Money. They both have a huge amount of financial information as well as investment advice. One of the best things you can do is to look up a stock and see whats going. Check out it’s financials. Look at what the analysts are saying. It’s best to navigate these sites and get a feel for how they organize the data.

I have learned what works and what doesn’t. Due to the information overload some people get confused and give up before they get involved.… Read More

It Is Too Easy To Claim Yourself As A Technical Analysis Expert

It Is Too Easy To Claim Yourself As A Technical Analysis Expert

The problem with technical analysis nowadays is that anyone can out in the World Wide Web, Google some terms, read some books and then start proclaiming themselves as “technical analysts”. This couldn’t be any more dangerous since there are so many people on the world today looking for new info, that anyone that sound a bit confident, add some strange numbers and indicators, might sound like a professional!

I’ve made this mistake so many times during my early years in the stock market. Since you do not have enough knowledge to really evaluate someone’s opinion, you might just nod along and agree with everything. Then, everything starts to fall apart and you keep wondering what is going on. Then, what was usually my next step? You’re right: go out there in the web again and search for my next “guru”.

The sooner you realize that you will be better off alone, thinking for yourself and taking your own fate in your own hands, then the sooner you will start to profit in the stock market. Even if you believe that you do not have enough or sufficient knowledge to take the matter with your own hands, believe me, it is better than trying to follow some on-line guru which you have no idea if he is real or not.

Think about it, you could easily log in to any blog platform, create a blog, start posting some indicators, some numbers claiming how exactly you are making a killing in the market and easy it is. How could anyone prove that you are lying your face off? That is right, they couldn’t. Of course, with time, people would realize that you are not the real deal, but until them, you might get some money selling some on-line courses on “How easy is to profit from the markets”.… Read More